The Measurement Coordinating Panel (MCP) is a very informal board, which is supposed to be very close to the daily experimental activities of ISOTTA. The MCP is composed by the scientific personnel hired specifically for the project, by one representative of each WP (indicated by the EB in its first meeting), and by one representative from the Kyiv group, which plays a crucial role in the inter-comparison program. The role of the MCP is to promote the exchanges of material, information, protocols and procedures among the various labs and to propose to the EB scientific initiatives within the project objectives, emphasising the integration of the various techniques. The MCP will meet every 6 months at the general meetings and very informally when necessary, using phone conferences and web-based means for information exchange (for example wiki pages).


Current personnel:

Fabio Bellini (INFN, Roma1) – coordinator
Dmitry Chernyak (CNRS-CSNSM, Orsay; KINR, Kyiv)
Massimiliano Clemenza (INFN, Milano Bicocca)
Fedor Danevich (KINR, Kyiv)
Luca Gironi (INFN, Milano Bicocca)
Jerzy Wojciech Mietelski (IFJ PAN, Krakow)
Xavier Sarazin (CNRS-LAL, Orsay)
A Polish PhD student or post-doc


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